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What is the "New Era of Real Estate?" | 805MediaWorks

At 805MediaWorks, we've recently been tossing out the phrase "embracing the new era of real estate," but what does that mean? In today's blog post, we'll dive into that together.

The new era of real estate has been brewing for a long time, and it's no surprise to any agent or affiliate in the RE business. However, despite widespread knowledge of advanced marketing, social media growth, and the AI boom, it's still hard for agents to fully grasp what this all means for the real estate business.

What it means is that your profession of representing buyers and sellers of properties is now multiple professions consisting of an entire marketing team, a content creator, social media manager, filmer, editor, photographer, just to name a few.

It's no secret that the agents who have doubled down on their social media and online presence have seen a massive growth in their business. Most anyone with the ability to use an iPhone does their socializing online, shops online, makes connections online, and some even work and communicate completely remotely. Where do you think they'll go to look for properties or find a real estate agent?

Online presence has never been more important, and that's why if your listing marketing (photos, videos, floor plans, social posts, brochures, etc) doesn't stand out, neither will you. One of our favorite impacts of social media is that your marketing no longer has to be 1 to 1. Door knocking, cold calling, texting, emailing... it's all 1 to 1. However, your social posts are 1 to many. You post it, many see it. It works for you while you eat, sleep, are on vacation, etc... so why have you not invested in it?

Don't get left behind!

We have the resources to not only help you make your content look great, but we help you get the word out too. We create fully white labeled templates for you - things like "Just Listed," "Just Sold," and "Open House," social media posts, stories, and more. Fully branded and customized to compliment your brand. Still a fan of paper and in-person handouts? Don't worry - we got you covered there! We can design, create, AND print brochures. Open houses, door-knocking material, and more.

Our goal at 805MediaWorks is not only to assist you in creating captivating content, from listing photos, videos, and floor plans to engaging social media content, but also to assist you along the way. Our tailored approach helps agents remove a lot of the pain points related to embarking on a journey of embracing this new era like time, money, efficiency, and skill.

Our content is hip, up to date with trends, and best of all, it's done for you! We deliver our content to you, ready to post, so that all you have to do is press the share button.

We're embracing the new era of real estate in our business - are you? If you want to learn how we can help prevent you from getting left behind, click the button below.


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